Hamsa Hand

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This popular Middle Eastern symbol, the Hamsa Hand, has various different depictions; the ‘Hand of Fatima’, the ‘Hand of Mary’, ‘Hand of Miriam’ and lastly, the ‘Hand of the Goddess’. Moreover, this hand brings lots of fortune upon its owner. This figurine is an ideal gift for anyone who admires spirituality & different religions/cultures. Normally, the Hamsa is seen as a symbol/picture of a hand, whereas this has been cast in the finest resin to create a more realistic & modern aspect.

Furthermore, the eye that’s situated in the palm of the hand, is known as the ‘Evil Eye’ – this is an ancient symbol that represents the amount of evil influences in the world. Surrounded by mandala style designs and different doodles, this figurine is also hand-painted black and etched with white markings. On behalf of this, the eye is bordered by other patterns and carvings, implying that the keeper is protected from other evil forces.

Additionally, this hand brings health and happiness; the fingers being closed together symbolize good luck, serendipity and success. Whereas  the classical Hamsa would normally have the fingers spread apart, which is said to ward off evil. Also, this life size hand has a stable, flat surface which makes it great for displaying on any shelf, altar, windowsill, table top or mantelpiece.

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Hamsa Hand Suggested Uses

  • Generous gift
  • Spiritual purposes
  • Eccentric ornament


  • Height 24cm
  • Width 7cm
  • Length 12cm


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