Diamond Rug

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Spectacular, sophisticated & striking, this diamond rug is an exquisite accessory for any home. Ideally, each rug is carefully handmade out of recycled cotton, rich yarn and jute. This fair trade product is also ethically handloomed by artisans in India. The diamond pattern, situated with the natural coloured background, contrasts well with the statement colour (either mid-grey or mustard). The mustard colour brings joy & happiness, as the natural tones contrast well with the golden-yellow quality added to it. Equally, the mid-grey rug also contrasts well with the earthy tones from the recycled materials, which also compliments other colour ways. This creates a more relaxed and comfortable style, making it ideal to match up with any other colours/furnishings in your home. This piece also generates a bold statement, making these radiant rugs the perfect center piece for minimalistic homes, too.

Additionally, Indra Importer have been supplying these detailed & handcrafted, soft furnishings for over 30 years now! Indra work with their creative craftspeople, ensuring that their traditional skills & natural materials, also nurture their traditional ways of life. The natural and recycled materials create sustainable methods of production, collectively reducing the environmental impact.

Lastly, we also have plenty of different varieties and sizes in Intrigue and Mosaic of Stroud. You never know what you might find – it’s definitely worth the visit! Distinct, eye-catching and great value for money, these rugs come in a wide selection of different colours and patterns in our shops. While you’re here – we also have these recycled rugs on our website! The zigzag rugs are adventurous and unmistakably prominent. Each of these rugs have their own personality, so once you’ve placed these rugs in your house, you’ll feel right at home.

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Diamond Rug Suggested Uses

  • Simply satisfying
  • Exposing bright colours in any room
  • Can also be folded up to prevent any unwanted drafts coming through the door.

Material & Dimensions

  • 80% recycled cotton & rich yarn, 20% jute
  • Height – 200 cm (80 inches)
  • Width – 70 cm (28 inches)
  • Cold hand wash or machine wash separately. Gentle cycle for delicates line-dry, shape when damp. Use bleach free detergent or dry clean.

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