Long Vera Tucci Coat

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The stylish Long Vera Tucci Coat is a flawless accessory for any occasion. These Vera Tucci Coats are a timeless piece to anyone’s wardrobe. Made in Italy, these overcoats are contemporary, comfortable & cozy. Additionally, these knee-length coats create an eye-catching flow. The cape-like movement on these jackets adds personality & character to those wearing them. Also, the neckline of these garments move flexibly, creating a ripple effect down the front of the coat. The design of the collar can be styled in many different ways. Either left untouched, forming the elegant waterfall effect. Or, the collar can also be wrapped up like a blanket, making it warmer in the colder months. In addition to this, these loose fitting jackets are perfect for layering up in the winter.

Furthermore, these coats are one size; creating a loose fit on sizes 8-10, while also comfortably fitting sizes 16-18. Accompanied on the front are two large pockets on each side, at a comfortable arms length. These long Vera Tucci coats are perfect to accessorize with a belt, brooch, buttons, etc. The simple design is perfect to mix and match with other clothes & garments. Moreover, we have a wide range of these coats in different colours. Bright or dark, we have the colour for you! If you can’t see the colour you’d wish to purchase, please ring 07770450321 or write it in the description box at the checkout.

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Long Vera Tucci Coat Suggested Uses

  • Overcoat for weddings/evening events.
  • Warm layer for quickly popping down to the shops.
  • Generous gift for a loved one.

Materials & Dimensions

Made in Italy – 80% Cotton

  • Full length 105cm
  • Arm length 65 cm
  • Chest Length 70 cm

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