Moongazing Bronze Hare

£15.99 incl. VAT & P&P


Mesmerizingly staring up at the sky, this moongazing hare is an ideal asset for anyone who has a soft spot for these animals. Detailed & intricate, this figurine has a realistic nature, making it an ideal little gift for those Hare enthusiasts! Also created by the well known Leonardo Collection, designed in England. This figurine is perfect for a collectors item. Dazingly looking at the moon while it’s sat down, represents a peaceful moment for these much loved animals. Known for being Britain’s fastest land mammal, this gives a more tranquil aspect towards these courageous animals. Additionally, the long legs on this hare grabs peoples attention, as it allows your eyes to follow the legs up, towards its relaxed face. With a slight smile and immense eyes, this little hare dominates plenty of character.

The bronze coloured paint on this ornament gives it character, displaying that it’s vintage, yet also a timeless piece. Perfect size to pop on a windowsill, or mantelpiece. Distinctive, special & full of personality, this hare also fits perfectly on any shelf, or table top.

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Moongazing Hare Suggested Uses

  •  Thoughtful gift
  • Farmhouse décor
  • Collectable item

Dimensions (Approx)

  • Length 10cm
  • Height 15cm
  • Width 5cm

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