Salem Black Cat

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This mystical Salem Black Cat is cast in the finest resin. After being carefully hand-painted, this cat is full of character. Following on to its pointy ears and curious eyes, this is the ideal gift for anyone who loves cats! Looking fairly unhappy, this figurine has scruffy and spiky hairs that add to it’s compelling nature. Also, sitting upright with an arched back and the tail tightly tucked into his legs, seeming alert yet relaxed. Salem has a transfixing quality, making it perfect to place facing outside of a window. As well as sitting securely on a shelf, table top or mantelpiece. Furthermore, these cats are captivating, unique and full of personality. Salem is the perfect familiar for any witches who need an ally looking out for them. Salem and Spite make great companions, sitting together or separately. Spite is also available on the website & in the shops!

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Salem Black Cat Suggested Uses

  • Home décor
  • Generous gift
  • Ornamental purposes

Salem Black Cat Dimensions

  • Height 32.5cm