Between the months of June and July, Cancer ‘The Crab’ enjoy their birthdays and Intrigue & Mosaic stock a wide range of different horoscope gifts. Including the educational metal signs, showing their different charts and properties. Also, the horoscope cotton throws that show the whole circle of the zodiac.

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign of the zodiac, water is their element and their ruling planet is the Moon. Because their personalities are so caring and intuitive, they also have some traits of being sensitive and emotional. However, they are very trustworthy, protective and often get caught daydreaming. These signs have a tendency to be very compassionate to others, which makes them great long-lasting friends.

The metal signs would make a generous gift to those loving Cancer zodiac signs, and they’re the perfect asset to any room, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere. We are always open to improving our selection of goods so get in touch if there’s something you desire!


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