Wiccan & Pagan

At Intrigue and Mosaic, we have a diverse range of different Wiccan & Pagan gifts. Do have a browse at our mystical products, perfect for anyone who loves these practices. Paganism and Wicca are similar practices of the unseen arts. Wicca is a modern approach to Paganism, implying that they both have similar beliefs and rituals.

Furthermore, Paganism began in the fourth century, where they practiced polytheism. This is the belief that there are multiple God’s & Deities. The practices include reviving nature, using natural ingredients for their rituals and spells, etc. Additionally, Wicca uses similar practices, but with a more modern approach.

Have a look through our products for different gift ideas for those who enjoy these beliefs. We are always open to improving our selection of goods so get in touch if there’s something you desire!


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