This Palmistry hand is perfect if you’d like to tap into the world of the future, and these life-size hand sculptures are made out of a high quality resin. They have been painted with an ivory colour that give them a clean and vintage finish.

Etched on the hand are primary lines, including; the life line, head line, sun line, health line, heart line, fate line and the affection line. The secondary lines include the Mars line, girdle of Venus, ring of Solomon, intuition line and the rascette line.

Palmistry is a practice used all over the world, varying from different cultures and different methods. These practices are very common to different cultures in Nepal, India and China and in many other countries too. It was acknowledged in Hindu astrology, as well as in Greece which progressed from India. During the middle ages, it was over powered by the Catholic Church calling it ‘pagan superstition’, but has recently become a lot more popular, in modern day lives.

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