The fragrant scent released from the smoke of incense is one of the smells we never forget. It is usually used to cleanse and purify the air we breathe. We stock a wide range of sticks and cones for you to choose from. Fragrances include Nag Champa, Black Opium, Nag Forest and many others.

Alternatively, Intrigue also stocks charcoal discs and resin for customers to create their own sticks or cones! This works well for many, as it’s creative and also therapeutic to generate home-made sticks, etc. These fragrance sticks have been around for many centuries. Mainly used for ceremonies, meditation and even aromatherapy. Additionally, in modern day life, they’re used for relaxation, or even just for adding a boost to the scent in any room.

Choose your favourite by browsing through this category. We are always open to improving our selection of goods so get in touch if there’s something you desire!

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