Mosaic and Intrigue of Stroud stock a wide range of Rottweiler products. Ranging from cushions, metal signs and mugs. Additionally, the designs on both the cushions and mugs are hand painted by Christine Varley. The Waggydogz studio creates these cotton cushions and ceramic mugs. Likewise, the metal signs are a perfect asset to any home. Adding a personal touch, while also brightening any room.

Moreover, this breed was originally bred to drive cattle to markets. Also, Rottweilers were among the earliest police dogs, and also served in the military! Similarly, these canines are even-tempered, obedient and good-natured. Although they’re a fearless breed, they are also confident and devoted to their owners. Loyal and trusting with their people, making them ideal family pets.

Lastly, Mosaic and Intrigue of Stroud stock a wide range of gifts and goods. It’s always worth the visit – even just for a browse! We’re always open to improving our stock, so get in touch if there’s anything you desire!

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