Norwich Terrier

Diverse range of dog-themed products, including the Norwich Terrier. These gifts are ideal for any dog lover! Ranging from cushions, mugs and metal signs. Made from rich cotton, the cushions and ceramic mugs are made in the Waggydogz studio. Above all, each portrait is carefully hand painted by Christine Varley. Also, the metal signs are an ideal asset for any home! Adding a personal and creative touch to any room.

Importantly, these Terriers are intelligent, affectionate and sensitive. Known to be a perfect companion, this breed is ideal for all families. Also, they’re active, possessive and highly affectionate. If you know someone who loves these dogs, you’ve found a gift at the right place!

Furthermore, Mosaic and Intrigue of Stroud stock a wide range of gifts and products for everyone! Therefore, we’re always open to improving our range of products. Get in touch if there’s anything you wish to see in the future. Similarly, we have plenty of products for you to browse through in both the shops – it’s always worth the visit!

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