Jack Russell

In Mosaic and Intrigue of Stroud, we have a wide range of different dog-themed products, including the Jack Russell. Waggydogz artist Christine Varley hand paints each design, which then goes on the practical & unique mugs and cushions. The metal signs are accompanied with a collage of words describing their traits, with a portrait at the top of the sign. Each product is ethically sourced and hand picked by Caroline of Intrigue & Mosaic of Stroud.

Moreover, according to ‘dogtime.com’, this breed was developed over 200 years ago to hunt foxes! Their small body was originally ideal for hunters and farmers, as they can fit through the burrows and small gaps between bushes, etc. Parson’s are bred to be show dogs, where as the Jack Russell Terrier are known to be hard workers. Both types are available in cushions and mugs online and in both shops – so do come by for a browse some time!

Originally from England, this breed’s becoming more popular over the world! They’re very intelligent and energetic/active. Ideal for families, but can be stubborn and fearless. Loving and affectionate dogs, they need to be trained and handled properly to display these caring emotions.

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