Great Dane

Mosaic and Intrigue of Stroud stock a wide range of dog mugs and cushions, including this gracious Great Dane. Christine Varley hand paints each of these designs for dog lovers all over the world! Designed in the U.K, these are a must-have for any dog enthusiasts.

In addition to this, this breed is originally from Germany. One of the largest breeds of dogs in the world, they descend from hunting dogs in the Middle Ages. Devoted & friendly, they’re confident and loving dogs, perfect for families. Commonly referred to as ‘Gentle Giants’ – signifying that their bark is worse than their bite. However, if they do attack it may be deadly because of their large build and ‘raw power’.

Equally, there are many different types of Great Danes – those with pointy ears, others with droopy ears. Some are white & black, others are beige. Although there are many different types of this breed, the artist still realistically captures this grey/black dogs longing eyes. Characteristics shine through with these cushions and mugs. Also available in both shops! With metal signs & plenty other breeds to choose from.




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