Mosaic and Intrigues website is full of varying different dog breeds, including the captivating Deerhound. We have this hand painted picture displayed on a cushion and also on both sides of a ceramic mug. Designed in the U.K, these products are a must-have for any dog lovers.

Known to be friendly, gentle and dignified, this breed is well known for it’s outstanding appearance. The structure of this breed often gets confused with a greyhound, however they are heavier boned and have a rough-coat, which creates a good boundary between the two.

Moreover, these dogs are very active pets. Enjoying a long walk/run, they also enjoy a comfy sofa to snuggle up in for a nap. Purebred and highly energetic, training them may be difficult. However, if the owner treats firmly but fairly & supplies them with enough affection, they’re a loyal & loving companion for life.

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