Our website has a fantastic variety of different dog breeds, including the beautiful Dalmatian. These cushions have a realistic painting from the artist Christine Varley, which is also featured on our ceramic mugs.

Dalmatians are best known as the star of Disney film, 101 Dalmatians, however, this breed has a rich history that goes back several hundreds of years! Originally bred in Croatia, they started out as a coach dog but have also served as hunting dogs, firehouse dogs and even circus performers! They are highly intelligent, energetic and love companionship.

These cushions and mugs are a great gift for any dog lover. The mugs are sturdy and durable, which long lasting paint. Perfect for any drink, hot or cold! Snuggle up to one of our beautiful cushions, which will liven up any room.

Dalmatian signs are also available in store and on our website.


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