Now available on our website in the cuddly cushion or even the easy to hold mug. The Chihuahua painting will always be a good conversation starter in any home. The print is painted by the portrait artist Christine Varley, who’s had over 30 years experience painting different portraits!

The Chihuahua dog is named after the Mexican state, and have delicate and vulnerable abilities towards injuries and attacks. Their characteristic values include being charming, loyal and independent pets. They’re small and smooth to touch, which makes them good for anyone. They tend to be alert, typically do not show fear and they do not view their own size as a disadvantage.

These cushions and mugs portray this breed to be blonde/cream, with short hair. There are many different types of this breed, but the artist has chosen this one and it’s sold so well in the shops, we decided to put it on the website! Please have a browse through.

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