Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Our website has a wide variety of different dog breeds, including two types of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. One being ginger and white, the other being a tricolour of black, ginger and white. The cushion has a realistic painting from the artist Christine Varley, which is also featured on the ceramic mugs.

As sociable and affection pets, these Spaniel’s are a small breed that are playful, yet also patient. They originated in the United Kingdom and have a silky, smooth coat and an undocked tail. They are very active dogs, that enjoy sport and meeting new people.

These cushions and mugs are a great gift for any dog lovers! The cushions make a great asset to any home as they’re durable, long lasting and the print of the painting stays for a while! The mugs are sturdy and perfect for any drink, whether it’s a morning coffee, afternoon tea or a bed time hot chocolate!

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