Bull Terrier

Our website offers a wide range of different dog breeds, with the Bull Terrier being a charming one. These dogs are described as being independent, yet sometimes stubborn, they are courageous, full of spirit and have a fun loving attitude. These mugs and cushions would make the perfect gift for any dog enthusiasts with the realistic painting by the artist Christine Varley, who has over 30 years of experience painting portraits.

These unique dogs are very recognisable with their head being one of the most distinct features on the Bull Terrier, with a curved skull and a deep, strong jaw. Their eyes are also noticeably different from other dog breeds, as they are the only dogs known to have triangular eyes.

Cushions and mugs are available on our website with this lovely design. A great addition to any room of the home. Many more dog breeds to choose from and we have many more items with dogs on in both shops.

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