Our website has a wide variety of different dog breeds on cushions and mugs, the Boxer being one of the best selling products out of the lot! These cushions and mugs are a perfect gift for any dog lovers. The artist, Christine Varley has over 30 years experience in painting portraits, her realistic paintings definitely catch everyone’s eyes.

The Boxer dog is a short haired breed, developed in Germany. According to Wikipedia, The Boxer was bred from the Old English Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser.

These loving dogs make the perfect pet as they’re not too big or small, their soft short hair is smooth to touch, so perfect for people at any age. Their mischievous traits involve this breed to be very playful and cuddly, while also very alert and trustworthy.

Our mugs and cushions also come in many other breeds, from the artist Christine Varley. The cushions have a wearable fabric that will last in a home for a long while, and the ceramic mugs have a glossy finish that will look brand new every time you use one!

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