The Beagle is available on our website on both a cushion and white ceramic mug. This cushion would go perfectly on any sofa, arm chair or bed and the mug would be a great addition to any dog lovers kitchen. The pet-portrait artist Christine Varley has many different designs of dog breeds, which are also available on our website.

According to Wikipedia, the Beagle is a breed of small hound that similar to the Basset Hound, who are both scent hounds and were developed primarily for hunting hare. Possessing a great sense of smell and superior tracking instincts, the Beagle is the primary breed used as detection dogs for prohibited agricultural imports and foodstuffs in quarantine around the world. The modern breed was developed in Great Britain around the 1830’s from several different breeds. Their characteristics make them a very popular pet due to their size, intelligence, good temper and a lack of inherited health problems.

The cushion and mug would make a perfect gift for any dog enthusiasts, and would be the perfect addition to any home!

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