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Welcome to Mosaic and Intrigue. Come inside and have a short tour of our shops in Stroud. Our stock changes regularly, so there is always something new for you to take home and cherish. The walk around in the video will give you a peek at some of the wonderful clothes, giftware and nick nacks we have for you!

“We are mosaics - pieces of light, love, history and stars - glued together with magic and music and words”.
Anita Krishan

Mighty OaksWelcome!

Please understand ..

This website is just the very beginning of something really beautiful!

An actual shopping trip to my shops will always be a thousand times better ..... in fact it has been described as an “awesome experience”!! .. please visit INTRIGUE and MOSAIC in Kendrick Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 1AQ.

I have had to ‘go online’ to counteract the decline in shop sales ... please bear in mind when ordering that we are a small team if we are a little slower responding than the Amazons of this world .... I plan to expand the product ranges so please do check the website regularly.

Happy shopping xxx 
(You will find a random gift in each order you receive to continue my in-store tradition!)

We are only able to offer very limited 'one size' clothing lines, as our team will not be able to handle the inevitable size issue returns. Please visit the Stroud shops where you can "touch, feel and try on" to your heart's content.

P.S.   Apologies that we are not able to ship overseas.


Intrigue - Kendrick Street, Stroud

1 Kendrick Street

"Do More of What Makes You Happy!"

Caroline Ractliffe opened her eclectic clothing and gift shop, INTRIGUE of Stroud, in June 2013 after starting her retail journey trading at fetes, fairs and festivals and then running pop-up Christmas shops in Stroud’s Cornhill.

Intrigue’s products are all personally ethically sourced by Caroline including many fairtrade items. "I believe we should do more of what makes us happy and I hope Intrigue brings a ray of sunshine to the high street offering a very sensory shopping experience!” she said.

Caroline is firmly part of Stroud’s independent retail scene. The shop itself is a riot of colours from clothing sourced ethically from across the world, alongside a plethora of quirky gifts.

Due to the challenging times for small, independent retailers across the UK Caroline has found it necessary to now trade online but very much hopes you will be able to visit her Stroud shops.

“I welcome my customers with the offer of a drink and leave them to browse. Most customers leave with a complimentary gift and with a smile, I hope!"

Caroline has embraced social media to help promote her business and is proud of receiving unsolicited and hugely positive reviews on the Mosaic and Intrigue of Stroud Facebook page, where you can find many many stock photos.

I love that my shop, INTRIGUE of Stroud, makes people smile! Indeed the strap line for INTRIGUE of Stroud is Do More Of What Makes You Happy!

If customers have young (especially fidgety) children with them I offer a jammy dodger while being aware of not wanting to overdo the hospitality!

Almost every customer who has spent £5 or over since my permanent shop opened in June 2013 has received a free gift. Each month INTRIGUE of Stroud gives away a hamper of shop products to whoever has given the most support by sharing posts on Facebook.


Mosaic - Kendrick Street, Stroud

28 Kendrick Street

"Style is Timeless"

Caroline Ractliffe's store, MOSAIC, opened in June 2016 and is the sophisticated sister to her ethnic bohemian shop INTRIGUE of Stroud on the opposite side of the street.

Caroline is passionate about keeping in-town shopping alive and her special customer service touches gives her precious customers a memorable shopping experience. Complimentary drinks are always available in both Mosaic and Intrigue and gifts are often given with purchases.

MOSAIC clothes collections include Italian linens, Joe Browns (his and hers), Skye Batiks, Nomads, Weird Fish, Brakeburn, Alice Collins and some mens too! The beautiful range of gifts and homeware include Edge Sculptures.